VisionsJuly 2005  –  My dreams were filled with vivid images of Slade.  Mental and physical exhaustion from the trip back had taken it’s toll.  My subconscious was alive with all that I had experienced in these last 18 months.  My mind was spinning out of control as I lay here at the base of a great old tree in the bottom of this hole.  I dreamed of the fantastic places that Slade and I had visited, and I relived the horror of his disappearance.  My eyes opened in the early dawn light.  Cold sweat ran down my forehead as I tried to remember the events of the previous night.  I looked around and studied my surroundings. 

This place had been inhabited at one time.  There were well preserved wooden bridges crisscrossing above me from ledge to ledge.  Some of them had fallen recently and I could see evidence of the work going on here to preserve the tiny rooms off to each side.  The base of the large tree at my side appeared to have some type of heavy door embedded in its hollowed out base.  The symbol on it was familiar to me, but in my current state of mind I could not recall where I had seen it.  I rose quietly and listened for any sounds above me, but it was eerily quiet.  I eased along one of the ledges and examined one of the small hollowed out rooms.  It was filled with artifacts very similar to what I had seen in D’ni.  Was there a connection?

I climbed the fallen ladders and inspected the rest of the rooms.  Each was filled with more artifacts than I had time to study, and I began to make connections in my mind as I remembered the many tales that Slade would ramble on about as he drank his wine.  I made my way back down to the water at the base of the hole and eagerly drank from it.  I sat and tried to make sense of it all.  Why was Slade so possessive and obsessed about all of this?  Several of the stories he would often repeat were wild tales about seemingly mythological figures and animals, and I had seen evidence of those things myself.

As I sat by the water the air in the hole began to stir.  I looked around and the movement became stronger and stronger.  Dust and bits of leaves and debris began to spin about violently.  I looked at the sky above me and could see starlight.  Sounds of static electricity popped in the air and I covered my face.  The hole became a violent torrent of spiraling wind and charged electrons.  I took a deep breath and smiled secretly to myself.  I crawled on my belly toward the base of the giant tree to take cover and the wind subsided somewhat.  As I lay there in my state of confusion a warm subdued light filled the air ahead of me.

There at the base of the tree, the vision of a young woman appeared before me.  She flitted and danced about for a few seconds then clasped her hands together to face me.  I was never a believer in supernatural events, but a sense of calm and peacefulness overcame me.  The whirling violence in the hole stopped and only her shimmering image remained.  I stood and faced her as she smiled.  In a heavily accented voice, she began to speak..

“Shorah!, Once again the stream in The Cleft has begun to flow.  It was dry for so long.  The water is flowing in from the desert.  The storm is coming.  You have been to the city, the deep city, the ancient Uru.  Where there is power to write worlds.  For thousands of years the city lived, lived beneath the surface.  Keeper of the secret, keeper of the power, keeper of the Ages, always keeping.  The city grew proud and then it died.  The water flows where it wills.  It seeks its own path uncontrolled except that it flows downward, always downward.  D’ni, the city of Ages, of other worlds died.  But now it breathes again, it awaits.  Some will seek that destination.  But you must continue your Journey.  It’s as a fine tapestry, complex beyond comprehension, but now torn.  We will show you rewards, pieces of the Journey.  Find these rewards, these Journeys in each Age.  Consider it a quest, no, a request.  Worship.  The water flows downward and there it pools and collects and finally once again it reaches the roots and the tree begins to grow again.  I am Yeesha.  My parents brought me to this place.  We will bring you..”

She turned and faced the tree.  She touched the symbol on the door and it glowed like the embers of a hot fire.  The door lowered and she gestured toward it.  At that precise moment she vanished into thin air.  I know now what I must do..

I climbed down into the tree and heard familiar sounds.  Symbols on the walls which I recognized flashed before me.  I felt a sense of joy overcome me to the point of tears.  I walked the length of the small cave and there before me on a small pedestal was what appeared to be a page from a book.  The inscriptions on the page were not familiar.  It was unlike anything I had seen in my explorations with Slade.  I reached for it.  As my hand neared the page I momentarily blacked out.  I recovered to find myself holding the most amazingly crafted small book I had ever seen.  I opened the cover and immediately recognized the linking panel.  I looked carefully at the image and never had a second thought about what to do.  I placed my hand on the linking panel and a sickening feeling swept over me as I was taken away to another world.

The true journey had begun..

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