DesperationDecember 2006  –  After the KI device activated I referred to Johan’s detailed notes regarding its operation.  I decided not to wear it on my wrist and hand right away.  I familiarized myself with the various functions and soon realized it was a very efficient tracking, communication, and messaging tool.  I had mixed feelings about keeping the KI in my possession, but I read in the journal it could be easily recalibrated, and I could possibly use it to my advantage at a later time.  Close inspection of the material and its working parts led me to believe nothing like it could be created easily.  Its futuristic design and extremely light weight allowed the user easy access to the various controls and it went unnoticed when worn properly on the wrist and hand.

Occasionally the KI would emit various tones.  Following Johan’s journal instructions, I was able to access the messaging display.  Each KI was assigned an individual registration code as it was dispensed from the machine in Gahreesen.  The user could add other codes into the KI, allowing communication with other explorers.  Important location coordinates and other tracking information were also displayed.  I entered Johan’s KI number from his journal into the KI and it displayed his current location in values that I didn’t quite understand.  I would need to study the journal more in-depth at a later time to make sense of it all.

For several weeks I considered planning another return trip back to the surface, but the mystery of my travels in the ages had drawn me in, and I knew Johan would make every effort to track me down.  The explorer in me wanted to stay here and finish my journey, but I would need help.  I decided to make the trip back to Gahreesen.  My travels through the age included my interest in the linking book on a pedestal near the KI machine, but I could never get it to function properly.  I had seen these books in D’ni before but Slade remained silent when I asked about them.  I knew from Johan’s notes the book was called Nexus, but it was unclear to me exactly where I would arrive if I used it.  I hesitated for a moment and then strapped on my KI.  I placed my hand on the linking panel and grinned momentarily before being pulled out of Gahreesen and into the book.

I arrived at my destination with a bit of the usual nausea and stumbled forward to face the Nexus machine.  I placed my hand in the slot at the end of the arm and it swung left.  The display on the right came to life and I chuckled silently to myself.  The main part of the machine contained a rotating magazine of dozens of linking books.  I stood for a moment as I pondered the words “Ferry Terminal” on the display.  Slade and I knew this area intimately and I would have an advantage over anyone who dared follow.  My mind raced as I considered my options.  I needed help and this would be the only place where I might find it.  I also knew that I might be recognized.

I knew the Ferry Terminal was an open area and I didn’t know what to expect upon arrival but I had to risk it.  I tested the Nexus machine interface and quickly learned to manipulate its various controls.  The Ferry Terminal book fell neatly out of the magazine and I linked away into the unknown.  What I found in D’ni was a surprise to say the least.

There were people everywhere.  Not just explorer types and weathered men in their gear, but women and children and people of all ages.  A few rushed up to me with greetings and words of welcome.  Something had changed.  I ran for the rocks under the canopy.  In my desperation to hide quickly among the rocks the young woman approaching me went unnoticed.  She touched my shoulder and I spun around to see her face.

“Sir, are you OK?” she asked.  I paused for a moment and looked deep into her eyes.  My old hunting guide instincts saw trust and genuine concern in her face.  I responded out of desperation and knowing that time was not on my side.  I scanned the surroundings and took a deep breath.

“I think I’m being followed” I said.  She laughed and gave me an odd look.
“Sir, I’ve been here for over a year and I promise you’re not being followed, these are all good people” she replied.
“You don’t understand, I am in danger, if he finds me here there could be trouble” I told her.
“He? Who is He? she asked.
“I have to get out of here now! Is there someplace we can go? I asked desperately.

She stared intently into my eyes and I saw that my trust was reflected in the expression on her face.  She reached in her vest and pulled out a small linking book.  I recognized it immediately, as well as the KI device on her hand and wrist.  I glanced quickly around the area and noticed everyone in sight also had a KI.  What was going on here?  Confusion and uncertainty clouded my mind.  She opened her book and held it to face me.  She nodded as I was overcome with emotion.  Many months of isolation had broken down my resolve.  I surrendered myself once again to the unknown.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I placed my hand on the linking panel.

I was swept away to Ke’ata’s Relto..

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  1. This is a great chapter Roo! Bring me back memories of my first time in the city, so desperate to find answers.
    waiting for more, your friend

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