AwakeningJanuary 25, 2008 – The human spirit is one of the greatest wonders of the universe. Our lives are filled with endless crossroads and choices to be made that reach far into the future. Somewhere out there in the infinity of space and time in this 16 billion year old bubble exists unimaginable possibilities. The great distances that span the galaxies cannot be traveled by humans, but our Creator has an infinite number of ongoing projects besides planet Earth. In this way new worlds and new civilizations are born. As we gaze at the night sky our hearts and souls can feel the outpouring of cosmic emotion as we wish secretly to ourselves to be able to explore these unknown places. Sometimes our Creator gives us opportunities without us realizing it. For one explorer in the giant cavern under the desert of New Mexico these secret wishes take on a whole new meaning..

The small animal shimmered in and out of sight and softly bayed to himself as if to call out for others. But there would be no return calls of acknowledgment. The brief skirmish had left the older males brutally murdered and the young pup in a state of shock. The imprint of the horrific events just minutes earlier had left him unable to use any of his innate abilities. He instinctively hid among the rocks and cowered. Death would come quick to a young bahro pup in this condition and in these surroundings. He began to tremble from the shock and the cold of the rock outcropping wrapped its fingers around what life was left in his compact frame. He slid downward between two rocks and clawed at the ancient gravel. Nearby he sensed life-giving warmth and was drawn to it. A pair of worn boots protruded from a hollowed out niche in the rocks and he curled his small body around them in an effort to warm himself.

The sleeping man inside the niche breathed heavily through his nostrils and the heavy air stirred his subconscious. Dreams of giant birds and hot deserts with shifting sands propelled his dormant brain into overdrive and he began to sweat profusely under his heavy sweater. The giant birds above him circled with patience and the reality of his predicament overwhelmed him. He reached again for his Relto book as if it would appear by magic. The dinosaur-like birds chattered loudly and he squinted hard to see them swoop in as a group. The rust-colored alpha male belched open his sleek throat and a linking book dropped to the sand in a gooey mess. He reached for it and opened the cover only to see a reflection of himself where the linking panel should be.

Luther Slade convulsed violently as he left one dream world and entered another. As he emerged from his deep sleep he was unable to move. Unfamiliar smells filled the air and he knew at once he was not alone. His mind reeling from an alcohol induced nightmare, he lay motionless and raked his dry tongue over his front teeth as he regained his senses. Slade sniffed the air deeply and listened intently as the quiet of the cavern around him was pierced with the soft fluttering hums of the small animal at his feet. Fully awake now, he quickly realized his feet were covered. He jerked his legs back into the niche and pushed his back against the wall of the small compartment that he had carefully carved out a few years earlier. In the light ahead of him the small bahro could only roll to his side. At that instant Slade let out a yell that echoed throughout the canyon nearby and the pup scraped and clawed the gravel in surprise. Slade bolted past him in the semi-darkness and ran across the rocks toward one of the natural springs. He looked back in disgust and muttered to himself as he drank the cold refreshing liquid.

The bahro pup staggered awkwardly toward him and Slade picked up a small rock and wrapped his fingers firmly around it. As the pup approached he fell and tumbled forward into the water beneath the spring and Slade stared at him in disbelief. He had seen these great animals from a distance but never trusted his own senses. Slade thought back over the years and remembered the hundreds of spine-tingling screams he had heard throughout the ages. Vivid memories remained in his subconscious of the bahro disappearing into nothingness.

The little pup let out a desperate sounding plea and tried desperately to hold his small head above the water. Slade sat on a flat boulder and visions of his newborn children suddenly filled his heart. Here he was, a lost and confused old man who had been on his own here for years, and now he was faced with a dilemma. As the pup continued to scratch and claw his way to safety, Slade was overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. His better judgment told him just to walk away and let nature take its course, but there were serious consequences to be considered for whatever action he took. He could put the small animal out of its misery, but he could not take a chance on exposing himself to the possibility of retaliation. He could also save the life of the pup but he was just not sure exactly what to do.

Slade turned and walked away and began to think of his next source of vegetation to brew the bitter wine that he had become hopelessly addicted to. The young bahro gave out a few final desperate cries and Slade continued to walk further away. As he stepped around one of the larger rocks he was stunned to find the carnage of several dead adult male bahro. The site of the ripped carcasses made him heave forward with sickness. The acrid taste of the previous nights wine made it even worse. He fell forward into the gravel and ducked behind a large rock as the bahro pup called out even louder. He lay still sweating and prayed silently to himself. Slade asked his Creator to take him away from this hellish nightmare several miles underground.

As Slade lay in the dim orange light of the cavern the air around him began to stir. Static electricity snapped in tiny thin mazes and the air began to rush violently around him. Slade wondered about his just completed prayer and stood to his feet as the sound of the pup was drowned out by the spinning vortex of fine sand and debris. He pulled his sweater up over his face and peered through the woven mesh at the scene about him. There, several yards in front of him, the young woman appeared to him again just as she had many times over the years. An agonizing sense of dread overcame him. Slade knew what to expect.

Yeesha spoke in riddles of allegory and metaphor. She seemed to sense Slade’s defiance of the unwritten D’ni code of conduct and he prepared himself for another boring lecture, but this time the circumstances and surroundings were quite different, and Slade listened intently as she began to speak.

“Shorah, we meet again.. Do you not see that the beginning and the end are as one? You have been given a gift, but yet you have not accepted. These gifts are as precious as your dreams, and all things are possible with faith in The Maker. You must accept the role as a caretaker of burdens. Your journey was begun long ago, and at the end of this great path you will be rewarded. Light is powerful in the darkness, and you should seek the light. Go. Accept in good faith what has been offered, for you have been taking and the time has come for giving. You have been rewarded with the presence of The Least, and this presence will relieve you of the burden of your Pride.”

As quickly as she appeared she was gone. A dreadful silence filled the air around him as the young bahro pup stumbled to Slade’s feet. He reached out and stroked its small head. The young bahro looked at him longingly and muffled noises fluttered from his throat. Luther Slade gazed around the cavern and tears welled up in his eyes. He again thought of the moments years ago when his children were small. Slade knelt down as he whispered a heartfelt prayer to his Creator.

He knew what he must do..

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